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(01-14-2009, 03:08 PM)
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OK so I got my UK issue of OPM...the score is....

....drumroll please....

.....9/10! Not too shabby at all :D They seem to have nothing but praise for it. They also have a list of the 5 best moments in the game. Shows off some stuff we've seen before, but 2 new ones I think, they show a mission where you take control of a robot/walker thing, as well as a mission where you take control of an AA gun way up in the sky defending those ISA floating towers, I can't tell whether you're on a moving ship or stuck on the tower itself, either way, they've said that level in particular looks incredible. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, incredible with italics.

Edit: Shit, already said. AH well, take it as confirmation, everything that was rumoured earlier is true. 8 hours ish, difficulty spike at end etc...

Also, slightly OT but they have the exclusive Resi Evil 5 review next month so look forward to that :D