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(02-04-2009, 02:16 PM)
SRK reporting famitsu scan unveiling championship edition patch and more.

Some interesting excerpts:

- Alt. Costumes are available only in 5-character 320-MS-point DLC packs, one new pack every week as follows:
Grapplers Pack - Zangief, E Honda, Rufus, Abel, El Fuerte (Feb 12)
Beauty Pack - Chun Li, C.Viper, Sakura, Rose, Cammy (Feb 19)
Shoryuken Pack - Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, Dan (Feb 26)
Shadoloo Pack - Dictator, Sagat, Claw, Boxer, Seth (March 5)
Classic Pack - Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, Fei Long (March 12)
All-In Pack - Get everyone at a discount (1000 MS Points; available from April 30th)

- On day one, when you put in the disc you'll be prompted to download an update that will give you a Championship mode, which facilities play in a tournament format, allowing you to earn more Grade Points. Clearly this is for Ranked match... but I don't see anything that says if there is an unranked/player-match Championship mode.

- Championship mode, as with Ranked and Player matches, can be played using the Arcade-interrupt method (or whatever it's called; under player profile, there's an Arcade-interrupt setting that you can change)

- If you rank in for Championship mode, or any of the Challenge modes (I think; the text is not very clear), you can choose to upload your replay file. Replay files can be viewed by anyone.

so not only are they charging for alt costumes that have been in the arcade version for months are are all probably on the fucking disc.... but you can only get them in packs of 5, and they aren't even available at launch. butt rape to the max

that replay feature better be free.