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Originally Posted by prag16

Ahhh goddammit. First half 2016 is considered optimistic now? -_-

I thought you said 2015 was still on the table as of the latter part of last year (even if unlikely). Or maybe that was EatChildren. Can't remember.

What constitutes full vs. less-than-full production anyway? I thought they started the planning stages in 2012. More massive than DA:I? In terms of what? That almost sounds like a bad thing to me.

Massive' in terms of size/scale, that's all. Yea 'optimistic' but not unlikely or anything, it could very well be ready by Q2 2016, the date's still not set even internally. There were about 50 or so devs on the game around when DAI shipped, that's since quadrupled in number. That new build Gamble was talking about was a big milestone related to that. Doubling down on one single engine (Frostbite) across all the studios is a huge advantage. '

Late 2015/very early 2016 was my own line of thought before I talked to certain people. They're making it the best game it can be, it'll be worth the wait.

It's 100% coming next year.