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1. Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost ; Giant robots punching each other arena fighting game. Licensed Gundam series only.

It’s a console port of the arcade update to Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. primarily with some ballance, system changes and a roster expansion. It’s still more of the same. There really isn’t that much to say outside of the fact that its a great arena based fighting game. The mechanics are simple and forgiving, the team based nature of the game makes it easier for newer players to get in and creates for complex team dynamics at higher skill levels. There is also a ton of fanservice for the fans of the Gundam franchises. The competitive aspect of this game is very solid and more people should give it a shot.

2. 3rd Super Robot Wars Z ; Giant robots punching each other sRPG. Features a wide variety of licensed shows from 60s to present.

It’s a crossover game about a whole bunch of giant robots fist bumping through 60 stages. It would be anyway if Dancouga made it in, real shame it didn’t. Either way this franchise is pretty much just fanfiction by fans for the fans of the games and the anime shows they are based on. The new one doesn’t have the production values of the previous entry in the series and there are a few rough edges here and there. It still gets the number two spot anyway because I love these games and am excited for the next one four months from now.

3. South Park: The Stick of Truth ; There is a Mazinger Z reference in this game.

I am not a huge fan of the show so I might be wrong about a lot of things due to lack of familiarity, please forgive me. This is a great example of a well done licensed game. The art style, plot, presentation all seem to scream South Park. The gameplay mechanics are simple and unobtrusive so they never get in the way of the player experiencing the content in the game. The game delivers some of the best spectacle this year and is extremely entertaining and funny.

4. Bayonetta 2 ; You get a whole level to play with a super cool mecha.

This is a straight sequel to Bayonetta 2. It improves on the game mechanics, the plot references and expands on the events from the previous games, the structure, flow, style, and presentation all mirror that of Bayonetta 1. It smooths out the more annoying and rough parts of the previous game like button mashing and insta death QTEs except for the one at the start of the game. I think the level design and challenges have also been simplified to make them more approachable. Overall it feels like platinum went to great lengths to make sure that players don’t get frustrated with this game on their first time through and enjoy it as much as possible. It’s pretty much more of what Bayonetta 1 was praised for. My only complaint is that the Bayo 2 might not peak or reach as high of a Climax as the first one did.

5. Wolfenstein: The New Order ; Shoot Nazi robots, robot dogs, spacemen.

This game bet it all on a good single player experience and I loved it for that. The story tries to be a bit more serious and complex than what you would expect from standard FPS. It doesn’t quite succeed but it tries to do something other than follow the standard story beats and comes out better for it. The overall game mechanics are fun too, shooting is nice, there is an ok amount of level exploration and some character progression/persistence with upgrades. This games greatest strength is overcoming low expectations and producing something genuinely good in the year where most games failed to meet high expectations and usually turned out bad.

6. Titanfall ; The Devs said these aren’t mechs. These are totally mechs though.

A great competitive FPS game that expands its gameplay mechanics to be more than just point and click. The movement options in this game provide a great new layer of gameplay to interact with. The speed boost you get when double jumping and running on walls provide excellent feedback that make you want to wallrun all the time and sprinting anywhere feels like a waste of time or a mistake. The titan aspect of the gameplay gets compared to Halo often but it is honestly the closest comparison at the moment that a modern gamer would get. Titans dramatically change the flow of the game and demand more team synergy and a tactical approach. The new dynamics that the Titans and wall run/jump add to the game more than makeup for whatever progression and unlocks it might be lacking compared to the standard COD multiplayer model.

7. Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- ; This game is pretty anime, there have to mecha references all over the place I just can’t think of any at the moment.

Visually stunning, very well made tutorial, multiple modes to help people learn how to play fighting games. I honestly didn’t put enough time in this game to really talk in depth about it, so I am kind of embarassed to even put it on here. Still I’d like to play this game more, it seems really fun.

8. Middle Earth: Shadow of of Mordor ; Ah cool batman ripoff game I guess, can’t think of any mecha references. Nemesis system is great.

The combat in Arkham games is amazing, it is pretty much the best example of Assassin’s Creed style combat from the past generation. It is the peak of western 3rd person action design. Shadows of Mordor copies it completely with a few minor tweaks. Counters can now cancel some specific animations like takedowns, thus making the game easier and less frustrating. The game also throws way more enemies at you than Batman games due to how overpowered your character gets late game. The nemesis system is extremely well designed. It’s extremely fun to see the consequences of your actions when killing off captains or mucking around with certain events. Clearly a lot of of effort went into making the nemesis system extremely in depth, giving the player multiple tools to interact with it, and coming up with numerous ways to provide feedback including specially recorded voice over lines. Ultimately though the combat and the nemesis system are the only worthwhile things in the game. The plot is a waste of time, the collectibles are boring and tedious, the combat itself also lacks the refinement and polish of the Rocksteady games.

I’ll actually get into my criticisms for the combat a bit. Everything is supposed to be bigger and easier in mordor but it never reaches the same highs as Arkham City for example. Batman games actually have a difficulty level and on Hard the enemies get extremely aggressive. It turns the combat into an almost rhythm like experience where you jump between attack and counter on a very consistent beat with short pauses for combat takedowns. Lowering the overall difficulty level and making things easier in mordor loses that rhythm like feel and ultimately devalues some of the mechanics. It’s probably more fun for newer players but it never reaches the same highs for me. Still enjoyed the game howeve.

9. Gundam Breaker 2 ; Plastic toys, based on giant robots from Gundam shows/comics, punching each other third person musou style game.

Musou style 3rd person action game game based on plastic model kits for the Gundam franchise. The best part about the game is the inclusion of a wider variety of model kits and the giant robots they represent along with being slavishly accurate as to how those giant robots were in their respective source material. You can play out far too many fantasy what if scenarios with this game and it will suck a ton of time if you are fan of Gundam.

10. Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed ; You can stand outside the Gundam Cafe.

The combat is kinda stupid and simple. The difficulty balance is somewhat questionable and seems to mainly rely on getting really high level gear or upgrading. It’s passable at best. The story is cliche and rather forgettable. The areas are somewhat small and cut up by a bunch of level load/transitions. The best thing about this game is walking around a virtual rendition of Akibahara. It kind of hits the same spot as Yakuza games do by replicating a small Japanese landmark and populating with sights and sounds you see there. Akiba’Strip does that very well by just having commercials and trailers for anime games playing in the background all the time along with general crowd murmur and noise.

Honorable Mentions

x. Destiny ;This was supposed to be game of the year. Unfortunately things don’t always turn out how they should. Whatever development troubles have hit Bungie, they left the game as a great set of mechanics with a thin layer of shit on top. The excellent gunplay clearly shows that Bungie didn’t lose their magic touch but besides that there is nothing else positive to say about this game. The missions in this game are generally mediocre to awful, the story is an incoherent mess with no real climax or resolution. The game also lacks basic social features so committed players have to use external tools to progress through the game. Overall the whole thing is pretty shit

x. Dragon Age Inquisition ; Way too long and bloated. Combat mechanics are awful, the controls terrible, pacing and direction nonexistent. The interaction with companions is nice, the war room decision making is fun even if inconsequential.

x.danganronpa: trigger-happy havoc; I enjoyed it but I don't feel compelled to put it on my list.

If anyone remembers that I complained about last year being kinda meh for games? Holy shit was I wrong huh. Wow, this year, this year is just abysmal. Sure its my fault for mainly playing AAA trash instead of checking out smaller indy titles that have gotten so much attention in this thread. Well there is only so much time, and I guess that's just how things happen sometime.