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(02-01-2015, 10:10 PM)
Annual FY Japanese HW Shipments;

I think Note 1 says that for Nintendo shipments 1993 is 15 months from Jan 93 - Mar 94. 1992 and prior is calender year, 1994 and later is Apr - Mar.

Mega Drive: 88 and 90 deviate from this, and results in a too low LTD. 91 onwards does agree.

Game Gear: Disagrees with the limited amount of data in this thread. Adds up to too high LTD.

Mega CD: Matches all data posted

Saturn: Matches this, and all data posted.

Dreamcast: Also gives 200k for 01/02, plus a further 6k for 02/03. 98/99 doesn't seem to split Asian sales from that year.

For Sega it seems that data for MCD onwards is accurate for Mar-Apr, but earlier numbers seem off. Maybe mixing CY and FY as with Nintendo?

PC Engine: Figures match posted data, numbers are close to imprecise pixel counting.

PC-FX: Numbers match here bar 0.01m difference in LTD which can be explained by rounding.

3DO: Matches known figures, but doesn't mention Sanyo. Unclear if Panasonic only or Sanyo is included too. Probably the latter.