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New thread for new info.

Taken from the Game Informer cover announce via Alxjn.

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According to GI, Nixxes is doing the 360 port. CD is focused on the Xbox One, and they claim they're doing it without even thinking of the 360 version.

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More stuff from the article.

- At least two different locations across the globe.
- Jonah is back from the first game
- Environment itself as the main antagonist.
- Cloth and herb to heal wounds.
- More than one of each weapon type.
- Variety of bows with different attributes.
- Weather system that animals and human enemies react to.
- Not sure if they confirmed a day night cycle or not, they mentioned "animals reacting to" time of day.
- Hub areas are two to three times bigger than previous game.
- Lara can climb trees, hide in bushes, swim.
- Pushing for pre planning aspect to engaging in combat, though sneaking past everyone isnt the goal.
- Tools for distracting enemies and luring them where you want them.
- You can lose the enemies after engaging them.
- Game informer says combat reminds them of the Last of Us.
- CD talks about doing more with tombs and puzzles this time around.

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From the puzzle part of the article.

- Want greater emphasis on puzzles this time.
- Talk of 'nested puzzles' returning from past Tomb Raider games; multi-stage puzzles.
- CD wants to integrate combat and traversal challenges into the puzzles.
- Still aiming to have the puzzles make sense in a realistic setting.