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(02-13-2015, 12:20 AM)
My PSN account was also hacked and in the end I got the exact same formletter.
Thankfully I managed to go in and change my password and remove my credit card before the hijacker changed it and lock me out.

The hijacker had attached his PS4 to my account removing my PS3 and bought the digital collectors edition of Assassins Creed Unity.
My account is Swedish and I was in the US at the time so I sent an email to them rather than calling, I could not find a number to call anyway.
After several days I got a reply stating I needed to call in because they could not handle this via email.
After more than an hour in the telephone queue on an international call very early in the morning I finally got a person to explain my situation to.

Since I did not have a PS4 at the time the guy on the phone said this was obvious fraud and they would refund me and remove the PS4 which made me happy.
After a couple of more days I got an email that I needed to send them my PS3 serial number. Not very easy to get since my PS3 was in Sweden and I was still in California.
I did send them my serial number though and got a new reply with the formletter that they would not refund me the money.
I obviously complained but got a new mail back informing that this was a final decision and there was nothing I could do to get the money back!

I still have no PS4 but I do have very expensive version of Assassins Creed.

Sony PSN support and theft protection is absolutely horrible and I would strongly advice everyone to not have a credit card in their account.
Maybe it was my fault for not having a strong enough password or whatever but I wonder how many of these cases happen every year.
Sony obviously gets a percentage on everything sold so they even earn money on these thefts, perhaps they care more about that then their reputation.
You would think that with the recent couple of years Sony hacks they would be more sensitive about more bad will about their online services but apparently not.