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Originally Posted by BKK

I probably shouldn't have put 53k for 1990, whilst Nintendo gave LTDs for NES (708k) and GBY (453k), they only gave rounded numbers for 1991 YTD; NES (500k) and GBY (400k), so the exact 1990 and 1991 YTD numbers are probably slightly different.

You're referring to these charts;


That's a rather long way of saying that the missing Game Boy numbers are 350,000 for 1991, which leaves 83,000 for 1990 (using 3 decimal places for 1991-1993).

However, as the years 1994-2002 are only rounded to 2 decimal places that means a margin of error of 5k per year x9 plus a margin of error of 5k on the LTD plus a margin of error of 1.5k for 1991-1993. So 83k +/- 51.5k. Which leaves a pretty large range of 31.5k - 134.5k for 1990.

Anyway, I think the numbers given by Sega and Nintendo then are sold in rather than sold through, see how much higher the 1991 NES number (500k) is than the 1991 retail sales figure is (325k).

I remember this MMC report, finally found the source for the GameGear numbers I had again. ^^

I think we can probably leave it in the ballpark of 83.000 units for 1990, because I don't know if we're going to get any better reports than this and ChartTrack/ELSPA seems to have used the same data for really old estimates.

Crazy how strong the MegaDrive/Genesis was compared to the SNES.

There's also some pre-1991 data for 8-bit systems by Electronic Arts (and some after 1993), numbers differ from MMC/ELSPA.

And some PC shipment data directly from Intel.