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From the GT5 thread here on GAF is a link to GTPlanet's forum. GTPlanet is one of the biggest Gran Turismo sites around and a premium member had a post months earlier that hinted on him having some very exciting news ( Said premium member, amar212, is a *respected figure at GTP.

He left this cryptic post today (

There are many winds blowing in the air right now, and every one of them is telling its own tale.

First wind whispers that final reunion will happen thirty nights before twelve months pass and that all winds from the whole world will reunite in the same moment for the first time.

Second wind says there will be more than half of dozen hundreds birds flying in the beginning of the reunion on almost eight dozen of skypaths, and some of the birds will come from the past reunion just resembling the looks of the newborn birds.

Third tale says that for the first time ever skypaths will not be just solid and already known but that new skypaths will be built by birdtamers from the parts of existing skypaths.

Fourth wind is talking that birdtamers will reunite in numbers greater than ever and will be granted with ability to talk to each other, make guilds and alliances with undisputed freedom.

Fifth wind says that reunion will happen in two forms, one greater than other and birdtamers will have freedom to decide which reunion they will attend. Greater reunion will ask for great sacrifice to be made in order to get all present and future treasures without new sacrifices needed, while smaller reunion will come in form already known, asking for more sacrifices if future treasures catches the eyes of the birdtamers.

Sixth wind is telling the tale about different reunion but almost the same as known one, smaller only for the eyes of those who do not want to see it in its whole glory. That different reunion will not happen in the realm same as the known one, but in the different realm which still has not been uncovered to the birdtamers. That realm will resemble realm already known but it will be divine new and made in the image of it.

All those birds, skypaths and birdtamers from all realms will unite for the Feast. And as it is already known, it will be the Feast of the Gods.

Some educated guesses:

1. Worldwide release within the next 12 months, possibly 1 Dec, 2009
2. 600+ cars, 96 tracks with remakes from GT4
3. Track editor splicing tracks from existing tracks
4. Voice chat, party mode, clan suport
5. Two release versions, one SKU where you pay a large amount of money that allows you free excess to all future vehicle DLCs and another SKU which you have the option to purchase singular DLCs for.
6. GT mobile on PSP2 or PC

If this gets released this year it would be amazing. This is Sony's biggest IP by far.


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gantz, members with red usernames on GTPlanet aren't moderators, they're premium members (members who pay to have extra features and their own private subforum). Moderators have bold dark blue names, Admins have italicized dark blue usernames.

Regardless, Amar is still very credible.