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Thanks to Benjamin Stevens kindness we now have the Famitsu article with shipment data for FY '96 (source: Famitsu Magazine Issue # 392, Page 8).
This is a very important article since we now have close to definitive totals for systems like Game Gear, Mega CD and 3DO (at least for the Panasonic and Sanyo models).
It also shows the official standing between SNES and Mega Drive until March 1996 (when Sega discontinued most of its systems in Japan but the Saturn).
At a quick glance the data should be:


                                 95(03) 96(03) (Diff)
Famicom (Japan)                  18.87m 18.95m (+0.08m)
Super Famicom (Japan)            14.47m 16.25m (+1.78m)
Game Boy (Japan)                 11.16m 12.16m (+1.00m)
Virtual Boy (Japan)                      0.14m (+0.14m)
NES (International)              42.55m 42.55m (+0.00m)
Super NES (International)        22.06m 26.05m (+3.99m)
Game Boy (International)         32.35m 35.50m (+3.15m)
Virtual Boy (International)              0.63m (+0.63m)


Mega Drive (Japan)                3.55m  3.58m (+0.03m)
Game Gear (Japan)                 1.60m  1.78m (+0.18m)
Mega CD (Japan)                   0.40m  0.40m (+0.00m)
Saturn (Japan)                    0.84m  2.50m (+1.76m)
Genesis (International)          22.91m 24.96m (+1.95m)
Game Gear (International)         8.65m  8.84m (+0.19m)
Mega CD (International)           1.82m  1.84m (+0.02m)
Saturn (International)                   0.90m (+0.90m)


PC Engine Duo (include CD Rom^2)  1.90m  1.92m (+0.02m)
PC-FX (Japan)                     0.10m  0.22m (+0.12m)


PlayStation (Japan)               0.85m  2.46m (+1.61m)
PlayStation (International)              2.00m (+2.00m)

Matsushita/Panasonic (Japanese shipment include Sanyo’s 3DO)

3DO (Japan)                       0.47m  0.72m (+0.25m)
3DO (International)               0.30m  0.60m (+0.30m)

Total shipment sales worldwide as March 1996:
NES: 61.50m (JP: 18.95m; INT: 42.55m)

Game Boy: 47.66m (JP: 12.16m; INT: 35.50m)
Game Gear: 10.62m (JP: 1.78m; INT: 8.84m)

SNES: 42.30m (JP: 16.25m; INT: 26.05m)
Mega Drive: 28.54m (JP: 3.58m; INT: 24.96m)

Mega CD: 2.24m (JP: 0.40m; INT: 1.84m)
PC Engine Duo (CDRom^2 included): 1.92m (JP: 1.92m; INT: -)

PlayStation: 4.46m (JP: 2.46m; INT: 2.00m)
Saturn: 3.40m (JP: 2.50m; INT: 0.90m)
3DO: 1.32m (JP: 0.72m; INT: 0.60m)
Virtual Boy: 0.77m (JP: 0.14m; INT: 0.63m)
PC-FX: 0.22m (JP: 0.22m; INT: -)

Total shipment sales worldwide as March 1995:
NES: 61.42m (JP:18.87m; INT: 42.55m)

Game Boy: 43.51m (JP: 11.16m; INT: 32.35m)
Game Gear: 10.25m (JP: 1.60m; INT: 8.65m)

SNES: 36.52m (JP: 14.47m; INT: 22.06m)
Mega Drive: 26.46m (JP: 3.55m; INT: 22.91m)

Mega CD: 2.22m (JP: 0.40m; INT: 1.82m)
PC Engine Duo (CDRom^2 included): 1.90m (JP: 1.90m; INT: -)

PlayStation: 0.85m (JP: 0.85m; INT: -)
Saturn: 0.84m (JP: 0.84m; INT: -)
3DO: 0.77m (JP: 0.47m; INT: 0.30m)
PC-FX: 0.10m (JP: 0.10m; INT: -)