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Some trranslation by ExGouki over at gametailers

1. (The Big Boss image is posted above)
Interviewer: "Is that Big Boss?"
Kojima: It's a little different from XX
(or XXX's next form is a little different)
Interviewer: "Whaaaattt? Different???"

Kojima: I still can't tell you what the title is, but this is the real deal. Put it this way, it's part of the orthodox "Metal Gear Saga"
(The text below was mostly blocked out, but it talked about what timeframe the game is based in, and it appears that it's across all time periods)

Kojima: I want the game's core to be aimed towards Japan, and released globally. XXX... It's being made by MGS4 staff
Interviewer: That's awesome!

Kojima: The symbol on the cap of the old man (he did not say Big Boss) will be important
Interviewer: This symbol is different from the fox, it looks like a world map
Kojima: No just the mark, but the system of the game will be new!
Note: Kojima uses "This old man" a lot through the interview rather than referring to Big Boss

Interviewer: It sounds interesting, but do you think people will understand it at all?
Kojima: I think people will understand

Well... Tried my best to translate it, but it's so hard with all the blocked out text... bloody Kojima. That's all I can do for now, maybe I'll give it another go later

Interestingly the old man in the cap might not be Big Boss, the story will be part of the main MGS saga and it will go through different time periods. New game system, and it's being made by the staff from MGS4

Gray Fox has the brown eyes. Stop with the Raiden already