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Summary of Topanga

-Daigo didn't practice the Sagat, Rose, Dudley, and Elena matchup.
-Daigo thought Sako would play the mirror until the day before. He finally figured out that Sako would pick Elena U1. He thought to himself if it was too late to get some good practice for the matchup. After 2 matches he knew he would lose to Sako.
-Daigo said that whether Bonchan picked Sagat or Ryu he would beat him. Bonchan beating him would definitely not happen again. He made fun of Bonchan's confidence in the Luffy match.
-He called Momochi the Daigo only Killing/Slaughtering Machine. If you noticed Daigo was the only one he beat 5-1.
-He had practiced the Dudley matchup a year ago with HJM
-He had Yun as a sub, only for Poongko's Fuerte. It had nothing to do with Xian's Sim.
-Daigo said he would use Zangief against Mago (joking), but he said that if he did run into Kitasenju DJ at FR, he would have used Guile.
-The counterpicking era has come because of the money announced at last Capcom Cup.
-The Poongko match was one he didn't feel that great about. After he beat him he thought he was going to win the tournament, but after the 3rd day it completely turned the situation around.
-He was in the bathroom and he heard the rumbling from the main room's excitement over the Momochi and Sako match. He hurried to see the match and was excited to see the match. It was the best win because it kept him alive to win the tournament.
-He told Momochi "Xiaohai will lose to Sako. Don't let him die in vain!"

I'll see if I can remember the other parts.

-He said that he only attended NCR because Topanga was a ft5. I can't be too sure on this bit so don't take my word for it. I could have heard or remembered wrong.

edit: He just announced that in May, there will be another Manga. This time focusing on the 90s SF2 era*.

*Most likely 94-96 era when Daigo started to play SF in Akihabara. I'm guessing that Tachikawa and yaya Sagat will be some of the characters. He said in thepast that those two were the players he looked up to the most as a kid and he learned a lot from them. Tachikawa is basically the Tomo Ohira of Japanese SF2.

He's also doing a lecture at that vocational school (anime voice acting school that announced the pro gaming major).