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Originally Posted by crazyrabbits

That was the point I was trying to make - the Steam Workshop has no apparent benefits for anyone, it hasn't shown any value as of yet, and I'm hard-pressed to think of a way in which it benefits content creators that isn't already being done better or more ethically by other sites like Nexus.

That seems very silly. About it not showing benefits yet: are you talking just about the Skyrim incarnation here? Because I'm sure the people making their living on DOTA items might disagree. And for Skyrim, it has hardly had the time to show any benefits as I'm sure you can see.

As for the Nexus somehow being more ethical: sorry, I don't see it.

Originally Posted by Ysiadmihi

Free mods are still a possibility, right?

Absolutely - some people just seem to like screaming about the sky falling.

Originally Posted by Lime

People on the first couple of pages, like salsashark, durante and so many others, think that this is a problem of players vs. modders, when in fact it is the players and modders vs. Valve & Bethesda.

It is a problem of player expectation versus reality. And a problem of fear-mongering and concern trolling.

If people see no value in a given mod they won't pay, and after a short period of normalization nothing will change for modding. If people see significant value, then the modders creating that value will have more incentive and opportunity to create even better content.

Originally Posted by biglittleps

Supporting mods are fine and users can already do this to creator by providing a paypal link. Seems like Valve want a part of their donations so they are starting this and i'm sure this is no benefit for creators because they get just 25% where Valve 75% from donations as paid mod now.

Fun fact: in my experience, less than 0.17% of all mod users donate. If you actually want to make a living or even just support yourself with modding (which I think is a bad idea, but I wouldn't want to stop anyone from trying!) then donations are entirely unsuitable.

And I guess I should repeat myself since people have taken my position out of context or even entirely misrepresented it over the past dozen pages or so -- in answer to: "Will you end up charging for DSfix someday if it became available through the workshop?"

Originally Posted by Durante

No, never. I never even put any ads on my blog when it was getting massive views. But I'm a bit of a silly idealist (see also me releasing pretty much everything I ever made as open source) and I wouldn't presume to speak for everyone.