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Originally Posted by MrJustinius

After having a random crawl through the pCARS installation folder, I came across a file that defines the automatic settings that are applied to the PC version based on the graphics card you have installed. However there is a list of presets for both the consoles in this same file as well. I'm guessing these are options more for PC users wanting to roughly mimic what the consoles run more so than a representation of what the console versions will actually look like, but it's fun to compare anyway.

The entire file is pasted here: The higher the number on each parameter the better the setting.

Consoles basically run to a medium-lowish settings equivalent and the only difference between the PS4 and XB1 presets is that strangely enough the XB1 has heat haze effects enabled, whereas the PS4 doesn't. But as I said, it's not likely to be an accurate representation of the final release.

Around half of those values in that file aren't actually used on console. The consoles use hard-coded settings mostly around medium, with some as I've mentioned before between medium-high and most of these can be changed in the main menu options.

The actual values that are read on console are highlighted in bold below -

<textureFilter value="1" />
<textureResolution value="2" />
<carDetail value="1" />
<trackDetail value="1" />
<shadowDetail value="2" />
<motionBlurLevel value="1" />
<effectsDetailLevel value="0" />
<emapDetailLevel value="1" />
<mirrorEnabled value="0" />
<reflectionEmapDetailLevel value="1" />
<antialiasingSetting value="0" />
<antialiasingMode value="0" />
<FXAASetting value="0" />
<SMAASetting value="0" />
<maxFrameLatency value="2" />
<DetailedGrassEnabled value="1" />
<LensFlareEnabled value="1" />
<BloomEnabled value="1" />
<HeatHazeEnabled value="0" />
<ExteriorLensFlareSetting value="1" />
<InteriorLensFlareSetting value="1" />
<GlobalSpecularIrradianceEnabled value="1" />
<RainDropsSetting value="1" />
<ScreenDirtSetting value="1" />
<CrepuscularRaysSetting value="1" />
<LampostLightsSetting value="1" />
<StreachedHeadlightsSetting value="0" />
<VignetteSetting value="0" />
<ParticleLevel value="1" />
<ParticleDensity value="1" />

The actual purpose of this the is to populate the game profile on the first run.
So for example on PC when you run the first game for the first it will detect what card you have and choose one of the presets in that file from "very low" to "very high".