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Originally Posted by hesido

OK.. I downloaded an Xbox 1 video from gamersyde.

The Xbox 1 has a nice motion blur. You should be proud because you said you implemented it.

The PS4 does not have, in any single frame, a proper motion blur. To you, it may seem strange, but I don't have to pause the game to tell this. But it would make my life so much easier if someone pointed to me a gamersyde video with the replay camera on both Xbox 1 and PS4.

PS4 on left, Xbox 1 on right.

These are both when the car is turning. Does the PS4 apply any linear blur to the cones (barriers?)? No. They just look like sharply rendered plastic barriers, only doubled. Do the trees moving sideways have any blur (aside from ghosting) to them, or their edges are pretty much sharp? They are sharp. Do we see double motion blurred trees, if they were to have the same motion blur as Xbox One? No. We see double sharp trees.

Does the Xbox 1 have blur applied to the cones? Yes. Do the trees have sharp edges? No, because they have motion blur applied to them. The Xbox one shows a subtle yet nicely executed blur.

It's hard to make judgments from still shots of what is going on behind the scenes, but I haven't started out with still shots. Also, when you say implementation of blur is the same, I expect to see some evidence of it. So far, there is none. Xbox 1's is a still shot, PS4's is a still shot. They are on equal footing. PS4 does not display any linear blur.

How about someone drive the same car around a track with a PS4 and an Xbox One, upload that video in it replay mode? Because my spider senses are warning me that someone will complain they are not exactly the same shots. But I still challenge anyone to show me a linear motion blur on the PS4, be it in still shot, or a video.


Here is a capture from PS4 I just made without the temporal AA step applied. (Ignore the yellow text from the development build)

You can clearly see our standard PC/XB1 motion-blur shader visible - it's exactly the same runtime code, shader code with same number of motion samples and the same full HDR texture resolution!

The road has that "lovely" motion-blur speed look that you get with this method using multiple samples.

Now you might note that the armco's and some of the scenery are less blurred than some of the images posted around here. This is because the motion *velocity* shader parameter is reduced on PS4 - the temporal AA post process (through persistence of vision) also adds to the impression of motion blur - so if we kept the motion velocity scale the same as XB1/PC there would then be to much MB.

If we implemented an option for allowing the temporal AA effect to have sort some of slider as has been mentioned then the traditional Motion Blur velocity scale would be change inversely to the scale of the temporal AA effect. The motion velocity scale could be also be on a seperate slider on all platforms - since it's the exact same code.

I hope this explanation gives the community here some further clarity on why isolated image analysis isn't always the full picture........ (badum!)