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(06-23-2009, 08:08 AM)
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BIG update!


1. Is Little King's Story officially coming out on July 21st?

2. Aside from that one new UMA and the artwork museam, is there any other possible NA-exclusive content over the PAL release?

3. Apparently LKS doesn't support 560p or whatever PAL's equivelent of 480p is, does the NA version support 480p and DPLII for sure?

4. Same with Arc Rise Fantasia, while no one's officially said it's 480i only, can you check to see if it does support 480p and DPLII?

5. How has Rune Factory Frontier sold so far? ******** claims it's sold around 40,000 in both JP and NA totalling at 80,000, are they far off? Have sales been "good"? I hope it's much higher than this as the DS games show to be selling around 300,000 each at ********. :(

6. How are things looking for Kizuna? I know it's gotten a low score by Famitsu, but does that kill any chance of the game coming over? Is XSEED definitely not bringing it over?

7. I want to point out a typo in RFF, specifically the "you're" seems to always be "you 're", is that an oversight or you couldn't get to display that properly for some reason?

8. Amazing work bringing over Fragile! :D I wanted to ask if XSEED recongizes the combat and such that seems to be a problem in the game, either being too dull or unresponsive, I don't exactly remember, but I HIGHLY suggest reading as many reviews that will surely address this problem, so that you guys can find a way to fix it before it's too late!

9. Finally, I've seen AQ and XSEED's forcast chart and such that shows how many you guys are localizing:

Now I'm sure I've figured out all of the titles on that list in the NA section, I'll show you below:

Assuming the top row is for consoles and the bottom for handhelds:

Wii: Little King’s Story, Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga, Arc Rise Fantasia, Ju-On, Fragile
WiiWare: Drill Sergeant Mindstrong
DS: Flower, Sun, and Rain, Ragnarok Online
PSP: Half-Minute Hero, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

I think that's all for the confirmed ones.

Now it seems that you guys have 6 Console games (5 if Mindstrong doesn't count) and 4 Handheld games in total on that chart.

There's just one console game left if DSM is counted. I'm undecided about DSM because is it an XSEED-original game, where as the charts for localizations only?

Maybe you can clear this up for me. :P

If all this is correct, I'm safe to assume the last console game is indeed a Wii game? Retail or WiiWare?


I don't know about the screen resolutions, but I'll answer the other questions that I can:

- Yes, Little King's Story is coming out on July 21st. Official announcement will be going out soon, probably later this week.
- Yes, there is an extra hard "Tyrant" mode in the NA release of Little King's Story.
- Can't share exact numbers, but Rune Factory: Frontier has sold OK, though we could always use more sales.
- We will not pursue Kizuna.
- If "you're" is always showing as "you 're" then that's probably just the font set. Depending on what kind of fonts you use (arial, times new roman, etc.), each letter and the spacing between them appears differently. If it was just one time then that's probably just a typo that slipped by on our part.
- We are aware of all the impressions that people had from playing Fragile, but even if nothing is tuned for the NA release, we feel the overall great experience outweighs any minor gameplay issues.
- You are correct, that list you made is not our entire lineup. There are still two titles that we haven't announced yet; one for Wii and one for DS. Both of these titles are scheduled to be revealed in July.

Neat stuff! Good to see that RFF did at least "OK". :)

And what could the Wii and DS games be? My money's on Discipline since they're not bringing over Kizuna after all.