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Originally Posted by Stormbringer

Marvelous Entertainment (results and forecasts from their investors meeting, broken down by platform) ->

But beforehand, a few precisions :

-1st column : number of titles/SKUs
-2nd column : share of titles (%)
-3rd column : shipments numbers
-4th column : share of shipments (%)
- the right half of the spreadsheet makes the comparison between the fiscal year in question and the previous one.
- 国内 : Japan, RSG : Rising Star Games, MEU : Marvelous USA.

FY 09 results :

Domestic forecasts for FY 10 :

Overseas forecasts for FY 10 :

Thanks storm!

Let me see if I can figure out some of the titles.

Seems like for the forcast for FY2010, four out of the six Wii retail games are:

Arc Rise Fantasia
Little King Story
Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

But nada after those, so we could have two secret titles still to be unveiled!

My guess, is that River King game, and possibly another Harvest Moon.

The two WiiWare games are Discipline and Reel Fishing/Fish Eyes Challenge.

PS3 and 360 is obviously Rainy Woods and that second game mentioned in April (how can I forget that thread...).

For NA, Seems like XSEED's not localizing Discipline this year, figures as we haven't even seen the game since TGS!

XSEED's PSP game is of course Half-Minute Hero/Yuusha30.

XSEED's DS game is Flower Sun & Rain.

Obvsiously the PS360 game is Rainy Woods.

The Wii games should be...

Little King Story in July
Valhalla Knights in I think I saw it for September.
Arc Rise Fantasia for February. :(

But the fourth... was that Muramasa at the time of printing if this was before the change?

Or one of the two secret FY2010 games is something big that XSEED will bring over?

It ain't NMH2, Ubisoft must've got the deal well before printing, I don't know if they'd include it before or not....

That's all I can come up with for now.

Edit: Whoops. I was thinking that the FY2010 forecast started as of the posting of that data.

Yeah, I remembered the FY begins on April 1st, thus the two "mystery Wii games" were Muramasa (April 3rd) and Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream/Fish Eyes Wii (April 30th).

But neither are by XSEED, unless as I questioned before, if as of printing, XSEED was still to be bringing over Muramasa. That news broke at the beginning of May right?