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(07-01-2009, 06:10 AM)
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Hey- not announcing a game next week. We are going to the monthly Sony greenlite meeting where all of the Playstation groups in the world convene to get brought up to speed on ALL the games being made and to offer feedback, suggestions, and work with the game makers to try to make sure the games will be well received in the numerous territories that Playstation games are sold.

So we're putting together a video of gameplay to bring the overall Playstation group- lead by Shu Yoshida- up to speed on our title.

It's stressful for us cause we want them to be happy and supportive of our work. But it's got nothing to do with an announcement for the public. My guess is that we are looking at announcing the title right after the New Year but that's out of my hands.


ps. I like twitter! It's a great way to stay in touch with folks who dig the work that we do without having to take time away from that work to do blog posts. I still love to blog and will be back soon but the game has been crazy busy as of late and it needs all the attention I can give it.