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Originally Posted by SirPenguin

IGN put their preview up. It doesn't include any new info, and I think that might be why I picked up more on the one negative thing they DID say:
There's still some question marks about how well the concept ties into a compelling long-term experience but the signs are promising – a week in the company of Scribblenauts and it has lost little of its charm, our DS still being bought out to silence doubters of its quite preposterous concept

I know they try to backpedal a bit with that last sentence, but it's still kind of a weird thing to say, and it got me thinking. Most of these sites have had the game for just over a week, and I'd say (judging from screenshots and comments) they've all "beaten" the game, in terms of getting to world 10 and such. It does make me worried, coupled with the comments by IGN, that maybe it's not AS challenging as some of us would like.

Of course this is also a preview build which is at best is unfinished and at worst is a little bit easier so that previewers can get a taste for everything...but you know.

No one has beaten the game, no one has come even close. No one has gotten to world 10. No one has experienced more than 20% of the levels. Period. Trust me on this if I say it.