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New post, since I wrote more than I thought.

Here we go:

Originally Posted by Verendus

New Shadow Hearts
Final Fantasy spin-off RPG
New SE console RPG IP
Final Fantasy X spin-off
FF7 spin-off
FF6 remake
Square Enix crossover game
New Parasite Eve
Monster Hunter PS4
New Capcom TPS IP (Because we need more TPS)
New Ubisoft IP
New Prince of Persia
New Naval RPG
New Cyberpunk Action/Adventure/RPG IP
New Sega Action/Adventure IP
New Marvel Action/Adventure title
New Soul Calibur
New Rockstar IP

This is my wishlist from a while back. I've deleted games off it that I've talked about being in development in the past, and titles that people already know are in development (MM's new IP, GG's new IP, Gran Turismo etc.).

Here's the truth about this wishlist, when I posted it, about half of these games were probably going to show up at E3. Hence why I said in the post that I'll like E3 if even half of them show up. Now here's the thing, forget that. The when doesn't matter now. And that post is now meaningless with that kind of statement since I know what's happening generally, and the number doesn't fit due to some changes.

Instead, here's what I can tell you. All of the list is true, except for two games, which I can't vouch for. One of those games is actually coming to Nintendo, but that's second hand information, and I don't really know about it. The other hasn't even entered pre-production, and SCE is in talks about possibly getting something done with it. We'll have to see about that. But even without those two (and I won't say which two those are since if I do, I confirm something I don't want to), there's still a lot here.

I'll start you off. JRPG1 and JRPG2, which I've talked about several times, don't need any elaboration. You'll know both soon enough. JRPG3 is in pre-production at the moment, and is something that should appeal to fans. This will be announced in 2016, at the earliest, I would assume. They've only just started picking things up this year. JRPG4 is much further away. This will be a more significant title, but you're not hearing about this anytime soon. This is towards the end of the generation. JRPG5 is similar to a title that you already know about. Also, a late generation title.

That's your Sony exclusive JRPGs which SCEJ/A is going to be involved in some shape or form over the next five years. Nice, isn't it? I don't think you have to worry about any of them being cancelled. But don't expect to hear of the latter three anytime soon, but I'm sure it'll look more believable once JRPG1/JRPG2 are announced since those are up first, and hey, we're not that far now.

To ruin some SE stuff.

FF7 spin-off. Real. Not AAA, but it'll be good. No one is going to complain. Current gen. Square Enix crossover is PS4 exclusive. I don't mean Musou. New Parasite Eve is pretty straightforward. A new PE game.

Monster Hunter PS4, I think I was caught by Chobel in January when I posted it, and edited it. But it's been leaked from the looks of it anyway. That's your upcoming MH PS4 game. However, it's not the only one. SCEJ/A has been discussing with Capcom about bringing more Monster Hunter to PS4 for a while, and for the most part, the only thing I can say is things are looking pretty good on that front. Please be excited. Although, check your expectations a little if you're expecting some massive effort. We're just fitting in what exists, rather than trying to create something new.

The new Naval RPG is a western game. Big publisher, big budget. And I think that's about enough.

All sounds like bullshit, doesn't it? That's good. If it sounds too believable, it'd be no fun.