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Originally Posted by Durante

I could fix that, however, if you don't have a higher resolution available, why do you need the script?

Gonna copy/paste my use-case from a report I sent off to Playism

Originally Posted by Falk

So, the previous post was slightly inaccurate. I've played around a little bit more and pinpointed the exact problem, with screenshotted evidence

<url redacted>

In here, I've taken a few screenshots of the launcher's resolution drop down box. It's basically what's shown when the executable is run at a) 3200x1800 and b) 1920x1080 Windows Desktop resolution working at 100% and 200% Win 8.1 display scaling respectively.

3200A.png - 3200x1800, 100% scaling - launcher populates list up to 1920x1200, but no higher
3200B.png - 3200x1800, 200% scaling - launcher populates list up to 1440x900, but no higher
1080A.png - 1920x1080, 100% scaling - launcher populates list up to 1920x1080, but no higher
1080B.png - 1920x1080, 200% scaling - launcher comes up empty, and fails to launch (1080B-2.png)

The (unrelated) two problems here are that:

- The launcher populates the resolution list based on the Windows desktop resolution, and gets a little confused when Windows Display Scaling comes into play. (e.g. 1080B.png) As 3200x1800 at 200% shows exactly up to 900p in the list, I'm assuming it takes the scaling at face value. This is a problem in some use-cases where a desktop resolution isn't set as high as a display is capable of, since it will erroneously limit what resolution the game itself can run at. (*My own use-case later in the post)

- The launcher lets the game only run at a maximum resolution of 1920x1200. (3200A.png) although this may be an intended limit, people have already coaxed UE3 to run the game at higher resolutions. While I understand it may not have been tested/guaranteed to work without graphical/UI glitches, resolutions higher than 1900x1200 would be really nice to have

* The problem I was having that led me to not being able to launch the game is actually a rather unique overlap of factors. I'm running a Razer Blade gaming laptop, with a HDMI out to a TV acting as a secondary monitor. Since my Blade display is 3200x1800, and my TV's resolution is 1920x1080, and I have Win8.1 Display Scaling set to 200% to have things legible on my Blade, the launcher attempts to parse resolutions based off my TV's 1920x1080 at 200% scaling and completely fails (1080B.png), even though the game would have properly run at fullscreen 1920x1080 - I just could not select it.

Hope this helps.

Removed the link to the screenshots because I just realized there's a bunch of NDA stuff on my desktop, but yeh, you get the idea.