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(07-21-2009, 01:00 AM)
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Usual Disclaimer: If I can't tell when your 360 died / was replaced, you aren't included in the figures. That's basically anyone that just posted to say that their 360 died last year some time or they've had x dead 360s and gave no more information. Also, if you posted to say your 360 was acting up and never came back to confirm its death / shipment / getting a new one... you aren't included either.

Don't forget that NPD US numbers are simply included to give a rough idea of how many 360s are out there for each particular month.


In the figures so far are 1350 dead / replaced 360s, 56 of which were falcon models.

This Month

RRoD: 15
Other Red Light: 4
Freezing: 2
Video: 2
Drive: 1

5 of the 8 refurb failures were due to RRoD.

Overall Falcon Issues

RRoD: 34
1RL: 9
DOA: 5
Video: 5
Drive: 2
Freezing: 1

Overall Jasper Issues

PSU: 1