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Originally Posted by Madness

Is there really no Steitzer in Warzone? Is it off because it would be too much having him speak every few seconds?

No Jeff in Warzone, but he of course remains the announcer for Arena. For Warzone we are presenting the mode as more "in-fiction" - it's a simulation of battles from around the Galaxy. So the Warzone commander (Palmer, for any of you eggheads who didn't recognize her) gives you updates on mission status, objectives and in-session progression.

Originally Posted by Master Yoshi

-The Master Chief
-Thel Vadam (The Arbiter)
-Dr. Halsey
-Jul M'Dama

Halo 5 is stacked with characters.. Most Halo games have very few major characters.. I believe this is the most they've had since Halo 2.

Absolutely, without a doubt, the biggest ensemble cast in a Halo game yet including new and returning characters. That's not even a complete list.

Originally Posted by Drillbreak

Looking back, I see why 343 did what the did regarding the demo. They just wanted to show off the mew features


The campaign demo we showed was a small section from one of the missions in the game, carefully recrafted to show off some of the new features. We also modified narrative to minimize spoilers.

I know you guys wanted to see open, sandbox gameplay, but that doesn't demo well, especially within tight time constraints for live television. The H5 campaign features the biggest, most open campaign spaces in any Halo game and has been designed with many options and different paths to support cooperative play. If you like open, sandboxy Halo with lots of exploration and replay, you will not be disappoint.