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(07-28-2009, 03:17 AM)
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Originally Posted by Wario64

Looks like you'll need to install some data this time around. Better preorder your sandwich.


Originally Posted by netguy503

2. 1.7 GB isnt alot considering alot of the 5 GB game installs we've been getting. Definitely not enough time to eat a sandwich( unless you want to suffer from indigestion).

But thank you for posting the HDD specs as I don't think they have been reported before.

Originally Posted by jett

...requires mandatory installation? Awesomecharted is now less awesome.

Kind of lame that it doesn't other upscaled resolutions.

With incredible amounts of chagrin, want to say that this HDD space is actually a printing error and it's most likely not what we're going to have on the final box, unless there's some crazy aligning of the planets. that seems to be the HDD space figure for infamous

i don't know yet what the exact number is. sorry.