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(08-30-2009, 03:28 AM)
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Originally Posted by GDJustin

If I buy something, it is now my property. It is my right to sell it at a later date, if I want to. Fucking period.

If Jaffe or anyone else doesn't think so, they're a moron. And I like Jaffe.

This is the problem with the internet. No matter how clear you make yourself, people simply ignore what you have to say. And so I will now forever be the guy who opposed to used game sales (which I am not).

One day I will learn that it's just not worth saying a damn thing. Which really- to be fair- is the smart way I should be doing things. Let's make a deal Neogaf...right here, right now. Let's see if I can JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP for the next 6 months. No Twitter, no blog. The accounts will stay open cause I wanna go back to it I'm sure. But next time you hear from me will be announce of our game. Deal?

And I promise, the first 3 people who call me on it if I open my mouth in a non-game announce way (or in an official interview way or something official or on our official EAT SLEEP PLAY blog) get a free copy of the game we are making (assuming it goes retail vs. PSN, in which case, I can't get you a freebie).



ps. and to be clear on this- what I am saying is interviews and press stuff and official EAT SLEEP PLAY biz, I am fine to do. I gotta do that stuff, it's my job. Catching me doing that sort of stuff doesn't get you a free game. Just my personal blog and twitter. Ok, cool. Bye!