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(09-13-2009, 11:47 PM)
So as you guys already heard, the launch was kickass overall. I ended up telling Jackson (kept calling him 'Big Boss' and saluting him, sorry if that annoyed you) that it was more fun than the MGS4 signing. And hey, it was. Rooster Hat.


So there was a bunch of little cupcakes with Starite cookies on top of the cream, and you could pull the cookie out and hold it separate like a lollipop. I had the toughest freakin' time eating this thing, more than I should have had methinks. :lol

And yes, in the center of this assortment of cupcakes was the giant Maxwell cake. Around 1PM (or was it 2PM), the dudes of 5th Cell went down to the first floor to initiate the cake cutting. Feel bad for the kids watching Maxwell get decapitated and so forth.


At some point later on in the day, Stephen Totilo was in the store and I basically made the dumbest face and stuck my hand out for some reason at him when I realized who he was. Must've been hilarious to behold. :lol


And yeah, I was recording a bunch of video off my iPod Nano, I'll have links up later on to youtube or whatnot.