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Originally Posted by soultron

On that point, I feel like not getting release day reviews from key outlets like Polygon, Game Trailers, IGN NA, and Kotaku denied Metanet key coverage and exposure in the mainstream. (To be fair to them, they did do some pre-release coverage, but I'm of the mind that post-launch coverage is more important since a potential customer can action on their desires and make a purchase and play right away -- instead of waiting until release and potentially forgetting or spending their allotment for that month/year on other games or entertainment while they wait.) I'm speculating that a game like N++ might be hard to pitch reviews for since some EICs might feel the entire game needs to be completed (All 2200+ levels? Hah!) before a review can be published -- but there's no way that was the case for smaller blogs that did review N++. I've actually gone so far as asking Arthur Gies on twitter if a review was planned from Polygon, but I haven't received a response.

This is something that we're really frustrated with -- we just expected that, since (IMO) the game is pretty decent/significant/interesting, we would be reviewed by everyone. But it appears that these days, unless you know someone at the publication, they're not necessarily going to review your game! :/

Unfortunately, this is sort of a by-product of the rush we had at the end -- our plan was to finish the game, then spend a month contacting press. Sadly we were all-hands-on-deck trying to finish the game right up until launch (we cut the launch trailer literally the day before launch) which means we didn't have any time to contact press.

EDIT: to clarify, we have emailed hundreds of press at several points during the development of the game (i.e at regular intervals when there was something newsworthy to share), including before launch; what I meant by "didn't have any time to contact press" was that we didn't have time to do a physical press tour, where we would fly out and do a hands-on demo of the game to major publications. Unfortunately this seems more or less required these days if you want to secure the highest profile reviews, in part because it makes their job a lot easier and more fun, so naturally anyone who can afford to do so does so, which means those that can't afford to do so are at a disadvantage.

Possibly we were also a bit idealistic, we figured that everyone would be able to see that N++ was something special, a game with a very high level of craftpersonship put into it; we figured that with only 3 people, we would rather put all our energy into making the game exceptional and hope that this would make it stand out and attract attention, but sadly a lot of people seem to be dismissing it as "essentially N+".

(we are sadly competing in a market where some indie devs spend literally half of their budget on marketing; IMO this is a sick and sad degenerate strategy to pursue, but O guess that's just life under post-capitalism)

Anyway, the net result has been that the game isn't selling very well; if we're lucky then lifetime sales on PS4 will let us break even, but this is a stretch (it would require us to sell about 5x as much as we have thus far, not impossible but not easy either).

We would really appreciate it if anyone willing would write to Kotaku/Polygon/Edge/IGN/etc. to ask them to please review this damn game! It's a bit horrifying that we've spent so long making something that we think is quite special, only to have it fall on mostly deaf ears :(

(don't get me wrong -- we're really happy that our fans like it, it has been wonderful watching streams, but we know for a fact that there are literally hundreds of thousands of N+ fans out there, and so far our sales results indicate that almost none of them know that N++ exists!)

Sorry if this reply is a bit negative, it has been a difficult couple of weeks; thank you so much to everyone for caring enough about our game to discuss it like this, it's really awesome :)

p.s - for the record, this is Raigan rather than Mare; I haven't been able to get an approved NeoGAF account so I'm sharing Mare's :)