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(08-19-2015, 03:16 AM)
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strange since most companies do their customer/field test surveys through a third party.

I know of a few reputable ones who do everything through surveymonkey and others like that. To expect a twitter announcement for every survey seems strange, since surveys aren't usually connected with promotions, they're the blood and guts of backroom marketing research. But Konami is crazy anyway, so maybe it fits.

edit: holy shit. The survey is legit, but unauthorized. The market research team went rogue, and Konami is at war with them like they are Kojima Productions. They're trying to fight off the pachinko cabal that has taken over the company. An ancient bylaw, if they can prove that video games are still popular, Konami would be forced to make them. Konami wants them stopped at all costs.

Originally Posted by Chobel

The lack of PC+console option is fucking bullshit.

they want you to pick one or the other, they are mutually exclusive.

but... you like mobile games don't you???