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Originally Posted by Bam Bam Baklava

I would like to see a poll of Trump supporters and how comfortable they are with giving him power if they could. There's a dictatorial vibe that is pretty scary. I wouldn't be surprised if they are cool with him amending the constitution on his own or bypassing congress or even courts.

Best comparison I could think of is Putin right now.

As a Trump supporter, I would be willing to give any elected candidate ultimate power.

A big part of what I see as the problem is that there's too many laws. If you think about it, literally all politicians doo all day is sit around making new laws. That's the whole point of their job. Republicans make laws, Democrats make laws, everyone keeps making laws. Sometimes the laws even contradict each other. So more and more laws keep getting made, creating a mountainous pile of red tape and legal hurdles to jump through to get anything done. As soon as you propose something, 800 different special interest groups start talking about how it violates some law.

Instead of Congress, I would replace the entire system of checks and balances with something much more simple.

1) The President can pass any policy he wants, except policy concerning the length of his term or the election process.
2) Laws can be overturned by a subsequent president, but will also expire naturally after a period of 8 years.

For starters, this would probably quadruple voter turnout.

Secondly, what works and what doesn't would become completely obvious in a very short amount of time. Currently we have this situation where there is so much red tape to cut through to implement some policy that you never know if changes in economic indicators are due to the current administration, the previous administration, or maybe even the one before that.

Third, You've still got checks and balances here, but they are after-the-fact checks and balances. Anything that's bad would just be instantly killed as soon as the next administration came to office.

And fourth, it would force them to focus on what's really important as the laws would expire after 8 years, and they would have to focus on keeping the really important ones active.