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Night 3 has ended.

The sun rises over bustling New York City. The air is filled with the scent of rosehip and doner kebab. A gunshot or twelve is heard in the distance as packs of wild dogs scatter in fright.

All is good.

The agents arrive in the office, ready to start the day fresh. The four who went on the mission carried their hard-won valuables through the office and placed them on Malory's desk.

"Ah, I see you finally came through for once. Let's see here - 300 million dollars, a small sack of perfect diamonds, and some co...wait. Where's the cocaine?" Malory asked.

"We were attacked on the way to the office. Some...thing came out of the alley near the cleaners and tackled us before grabbing the cocaine and running off into the distance!" They whined.

"Ugh. Well, I suppose it's not a total loss. Let's at least get HR in here to discuss your medical plan." Malory pressed a button on the intercom, yelling, "PAM! Get your fat ass in here this instant!"

Pam hurried into the office, breathing heavily and constantly twitching her fingers. She carried a can of whipped cream, and was inhaling it as fast as she possible could. "YESMISSARCHERWHATCANIDOFORYOU?!?!?!!" She blurted.

Malory grimaced, and eyed Pam suspiciously. "The agents need their...what on earth is going on with you?"


"What's in the can?"


"'re lying to me."

"I knew it! You're in big trouble, missy!" Malory shouted.

Pam ran from Malory's office, throwing desks to the side as she tried to escape the ire of her supervisor. Malory gave chase, but Pam was too fast. "Ugh...she might as well live in the truck stop bathroom."

"Anyway, it seems the rest of you have somehow managed to survive during the night. Either you're the luckiest sons-of-bitches alive, or we're dealing with the bottom of the KGB barrel here. The former is probably more likely."

Everyone has survived the night!

A voice could be heard from a corner of the office. "YAAAAAAAAY!"

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