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Originally Posted by venom2124

Damn funny custom class names. I was wondering why he used fear as an example.

Quick question about scavenger. Not sure if this was mentioned, but does the dead body have to have matching gear to yours for a resupply? For example, I assume if I'm using an M4 and pass over somebody who used an M16 I will get resupplied, as they use the same caliber bullet. But if I pass over somebody using an AK47, I shouldn't be resupplied. I'm wondering if the perk allows any gun and equipment to resupply the user, regardless of whether or not the gear is a direct match.

Any gear while using scavenger.
So if you have an M16 and no frags and you run over someone who had a FAMAS and grenades your M16 will fill up and you also pick up the grenade.

For the new page:

Okay GAF, I want to know your thoughts on this.

I was watching the presentation video and read that the first two pre-made custom slots were named "Skepticism, pessimism, and Fear" and I knew that I had heard that somewhere recently.
Then I remembered.. it was this guy:
Bobby Kotick
Now this guy is a greedy tool, and I had just read this in the GAF thread Activision to bypass consoles.;title;2

Originally Posted by Kotick

The executive also showed off animation technology he hailed as the future of storytelling in games, pegged the next generation of consoles as being two years out or more, and explained openly why he wants a company culture infused with skepticism, pessimism, and fear.

Robert Bowling took the time to name the customized class "Fear" during the presentation.