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Malory sat, distraught at her desk, rewatching videos she had taped of her time with Nikolai.

Even though he was KGB, she still held fond memories of their time together during the Cold War. Getting it on with the hot was that?
She sniffed as she raised her snifter to her sniffer. "Poor Nikolai...why did it have to end this way?"

"Ms. Archer?" A voice called from the doorway.

Malory exhaled mournfully. "Yes, what is it. I'm a little busy."

"The uh...the mission team has returned."


"Well, you'd better come take a look."

Malory walked into the office and found Gorlak, EzekelRAGE, and Mazre standing there. She squinted her eyes and glanced around the room. "Where's that foul-mouthed Darryl?"

The agents shuffled their feet and began to speak in turn.
"Well, we were climbing up the side of the building where Trudy Beekman lives..."
"...and all of a sudden Darryl starts to slip down the window..."
"...His suction pads stopped working properly. Suddenly he just fell. There was nothing we could do."

Malory gasped. "WHAT? How did you let this happen?"

"He was several feet below us, and we couldn't reach him." They wiped tears from their eyes.

"And you couldn't even bring back the body?"

"Well you know those roaming packs of wild dogs? They beat us to it."

Seething, Malory threw her glass at the agents. "Useless! You're all fucking useless!" She stopped. "Well at least you finished your mission, correct?"

"Yes ma'am. Trudy Beekman is dead. Strangled with some panty hose and stabbed with the leg of a dining room chair."

"Well I guess it's not all for naught."

Originally Posted by Darryl

You are Lana Kane, the Truckasaurus.

You are aligned with ISIS (the agency, not the terrorist organization).

Despite Sterling Archer stealing your thunder in the hearts and minds of the enemy, you know you’re the best and brightest secret agent of them all. Every night phase, you may use the ISIS database to investigate one player by PMing the command “SNOOP: <player>” to me. The results will be returned to you at the start of the next day phase, showing you that player’s alignment.

Plus, your hands are like, ginormous.

You win when all KGB players are eliminated.

Feel free to PM me any questions about your role. The public game thread is here.

Day 5 Ends at: