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(08-28-2015, 07:59 AM)
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Just thought I would update the community with my ongoing emails with the excellent staff at Analogue Interactive

"Hi Kawika,

For whatever its worth, while we wait for Krikzz to update his firmware for the Everdrive... an old Everdrive firmware (3.0) seems to function OK with the HDMI upgrade. I've uploaded it to dropbox here, feel free to pass around the link to those who'd like to use it until the full update comes out. The update doesn't require flashing, anyone can do it. It merely requires you to update the firmware on the SD card (which is simply a matter of copy and pasting the new files onto your Everdrive's SD card)."

I have yet to receive my Analogue NT but those with the HDMI upgrade and an Everdrive please test this and let us know your results.