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Very long story. Not that scary, but true.

Since I'm in the typing mood, I'll tell you a story or two.

I've always been big on paranormal stuff. As a matter of fact, I've always been fascinated with anything that's unexplainable. So much that I used to go out looking for the stuff. I've went to countless graveyards at night, broke into an abandoned insane asylum, played with Ouija boards, went and stayed at a supposedly haunted hotel, traveled to Gettysburg (supposedly one of the most haunted places in America), and etc.

I didn't do any of this alone. I went with a couple of good friends through out these adventures. Guess what I saw? Not a damn thing. Well... there was a strange feeling I had in Gettysburg that I cannot explain, and a tour bus + cars vanished in thin air right before my eyes, but that doesn't sound like anything that anyone would actually believe so I won't go into detail about it. It's not even a good story regardless.

So all of this time trying to find ghosts and I have failed miserably. That is until my older brother moved into an old, old house with about 4 of his buddies.

When his friend first bought the house, all of the second floor windows were painted black. Yes, the actual glass was painted black. Well apparently a child was murdered there. He was hung in a closet on the second floor. Seems like the beginning to a bullshit Hollywood movie, right? If you're already thinking bullshit, go ahead and move on the the next post because I honestly don't care. Anyway, the body of the child was wrapped in plastic (probably because of the smell) while still hanging in the closet. He wasn't found until after the family moved out of the house 4-6 months later because he was actually hanging between two floors in the house. I don't feel like going into great detail on how he was ecxactly hung at the moment, so just try to imagine how in your head.

It was a big house with 3 floors, 3 bathrooms, and if I remember correctly there was 7 bedrooms. Yeah, big house. When the house was purchased for them there was problems with the roof. So they covered it with a tarp (since I just so happens to rain a shitload in the city we stay in) until they could get it fixed the year after.

He used to have a lot of parties at his house, so I used to end up going there a lot. Every night I stayed there really, really strange things happened that I could never, ever explain. I'm talking about crazy shit. Like lights bursting, doors slamming and so on. I won't get into those stories though, unless you guys ask me to tell more. I'm just going to tell you one story about this place.

Since there was a tarp on the roof of the house, on windy nights you could always hear it blowing around. It had a distinct sound. the sound of a plastic tarp slapping around all over the place...

Anyway... Whenever I went to stay there and party with them I would end up sleeping in the living room because the couch had a fold out bed. So one night me and a buddy are staying there on the fold out bed. I'm having trouble sleeping because the wind is blowing hard and that damn tarp is making a shitload of noise. Even though it's 3 stories above me I can still hear it. So I pull the blankets off of my head (I always sleep with blankets over my head, drives my GF nuts) and notice that the hallway light and back porch light is on. First I turn off the hallway light then I head towards the kitchen since the back porch connects to it...

-Pausing the story-

Now I've looked for paranormal stuff a lot. And I mean a lot, but I have never been successful. I've stopped believing in the stuff at this point. There's always an explanation for something right? That is right... Except for this, so fuck you.


So as I turn into the kitchen on my way to the back porch all I see is black and all I hear is the tarp slapping against everything. Not just the roof, but everywhere. It's so loud that It's damn near impossible that it could make such loud noise (especially without waking up the 8 other people in the house at the time) I couldn't hear anything else. It was actually ringing my ears.

So I started walking through the kitchen then BAM! I bumped into something in the middle of the kitchen and as soon as I look up, I see something that's plastic. At this point I'm completely calm thinking that they must have purchased some kind of new appliance that has not been hooked up yet even though I would have obviously noticed it during the party when everyone was awake since we always travel through the kitchen at least 30+ times during them. I mean, the damn keg is always on the back porch where I'm heading toward to turn off the light...

So I touch it for a few seconds to get a feel of what I just ran into... As I look up I notice that it's not an appliance at all. It's a human being. It's a person. He or She is wrapped in plastic in the middle of the kitchen.

I completely fucking freaking and ran up into my brothers room SCREAAMING. I woke up the whole fucking house. Everyone at the house believed what I was telling them because... well... the house was fucked up and everyone there have already seen their fare share of unexplainable things. Everyone went to sleep shortly after and that was it.

I've seen a lot more stuff over the course of 3 or 4 months before everyone moved out. If anyone is interested in hearing more about it just let me know.