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Originally Posted by enzo_gt

Something weird is up with that man, the word "tracks" is cutoff on every one of the location pictures.

Fixed, also I put together the list of Licensed Soundtrack for Forza 3 since I could not find it on the net. The missing links I couldnt find a youtube video for. I will add these to the OP

Forza Motorsport 3 Soundtrack
Trash - the whip
tick tick boom - the hives
long forgotten sons - rise against
burned- fall from grace
across the shields - Torche
solaris - Celldweller's
no tommorow girls - the blackhalos
weve had enough -alkaline trio
showdown = pendelum
suburbian nights - hard fi
my friend john - The Fratellis
send a little love token - the duke spirit
Talk to Frank - Commix
lost weekend - the qemists
on the run - the qemists
swag - the qemists
100 percent - 99 men
borrowed time -TC
Under Control - Adam Freeland
What now - alex medric
Oversquare - DJ Drunken Master
Talk me down - mistabishi
twist the knife - evil nine
borderline aka blocks - adam freeland
Do you dig destruction - turbonegro
Cosmonaught - Logistics
intervention - Logistics
toytown - Logistics
Cygnus - Mr Sam F/ Could 9
one week - el cato