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(11-01-2015, 12:00 PM)
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I already posted some pictures of my game room but yesterday I finished it and now I want to share with you the whole process. Sorry if it is a lot of pictures. If you guys think it is best I take some out.

At the beginning it was a cinema room and it looked like this.

Then I decided to hire an architect to design some shelves because I had ran out of space in my bedroom.

After a few months, the assembly work started in the new game room.

This was the first day:

This was the second day:

On the third day the shelves from the other side arrived and they started to put it together:

On the fourth day it looked this:

On the fifth day they finished assembling the bigger shelf but it still need to be finished:

On the sixth day they did the finishing touches. Now it's missing the rest of the led strips, the glass shelves.

On the seventh day all the led strips were put on place.

On the eighth day some of the posters got up on the walls. The rest I couldn't fit in the room sadly.

After a few days, the glass shelves arrived and I started to put the games on the shelves.

And this is how it looks now that it is finished.