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(11-12-2009, 05:03 PM)
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Originally Posted by Dragona Akehi

This is true. But, unless some miracle happened, I think Famitsu is wrong. Maybe they mean the original GBA Lufia (aka NOT a Lufia game) team is working on it? If it's Neverland Co., then things have actually changed... for the better.

Famitsu can't be wrong. They're just a mouthpiece for the PR provided to them by the publishers. It says specifically that the original staff members of the classic RPG Estpolis, released 15 years ago, is developing a brand new Estpolis game. No one said anything about Neverland, but yes the bulk of the "original staff" would be Neverland, so.... :P

I advice you don't throw a LOL-THEY-HAVE-TO-BE-WRONG fit again like you did when they announced FFIV DS :P