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Originally Posted by ethelred

Pretty pointless as far as I'm concerned... especially given how WiiWare game ownership is per system and won't carry forward. I think it'd be pretty nuts to buy something on WiiWare that's available via retail.

To be fair, the games are hard to find in retail these days.

Originally Posted by Peff

That's what I meant, the fact that they are not putting the fifth case as a premium thingy and it's just the difference means they couldn't fit it all in a single download. The first PW and Apollo Justice used 64 MB cartridges, whereas JFA and T&T were only 32 MB.

Oh, but of course they "could" sell the Apollo Justice cases individual though if they wanted.

I guess what I'm saying is that I think the reason Apollo Justice wouldn't come to the Wii has more to do with marketing reasons than technical limitations