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(12-07-2015, 07:02 AM)
A rough translation of

- About the details of splitting the game into episodes, please tell us more.

Kitase: From the beginning, we have considered it impossible to remake FF7 into one single game. Althought it's impossible to tell you the details about the splitting at the moment, please wait for our further announcement.

Nomura: If we tried to stuff the whole game into one release, some part of the game would have to appear as digests. We'd have to remove some contents from the game, and it would be difficult to add more to the game. Considering that a full remake of the original game must be achived, we have decided to split the game into episodes.

Kitase: Taking the No.8 street shown in the video this time, even just this is already highly dense. If we are to remake the content of the original version at that quality, it would have been impossible to do with a single release.

Splitting the original version into episode with nothing dropped, as well as adding complements, and remaking the game the game in its full volume is what we are thinking.

- How will the battle system look like?
Kitase: Unlike the encounter battles in the original version, we were aiming for a seamless active battle like shown in the video.

Nomura: Regarding the speed of the combat, as well as the sensation of tempo, we have considered something alongside Dissidia FF that you can play without stress. The degree of action would feel like Dissidia FF > KH > FF7 Remake.

We are trying to make a new action combat system that definitely demand no action technique, and let you consider your strategy during the combat.

- What would the elements in the battle system from the original version become?
Nomura: Since the game is based on FF7, elements like ATB gauge and limitbreak will appear but with new useage. Please wait for our further announcements on how they would evolve.

- Are you going to adjust the story in order to maintain connection to other compilations of the game, as well as adapting to the modern age?
Nomura: We are planning some mechanism to dig deeper into each episodes. Players who have played the original version surely would know everything from the beginning to the end of the game, including some very important moments. And we are planning to give even such users surprises.

Kitase: We are not going to remake a game so you only play for nostalgia. We want to make the hearts of the original fans pump. We are adjusting the storyline with this idea in mind.