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(12-14-2009, 03:49 AM)
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Originally Posted by Tacitus_

Evilore is... touchy about ad-revenue.

It's not ad revenue I'm touchy about.

Before I took over in 2004, we were being hosted on the Gamesquad network, given a box to use in exchange for their banner ads. They ran anything and everything through those banners for the best financial outcome: pop-ups and malware galore, to the point where I couldn't bear to even come to GAF (as a goddamn admin) without editing my hosts file.

When I took responsibility for GAF, I wanted to make sure that didn't happen again. So since then GAF hasn't been overrun with advertisements or popups or malware, everything is unobtrusive and user-friendly, but there are also no burdens placed on the community to keep the site afloat, either. Play within the rules and all's well.

I don't particularly care if you decide to be an asshole and adblock privately, but flaunting the fact that you do it and/or suggesting that other members do it I take personally considering the aforementioned efforts taken and that the ads are the only source of revenue for the site. It's worse than piracy, and anyone who enjoys coming here should be ashamed to do it.