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(12-21-2015, 02:10 PM)
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1. Tales from the Borderlands: Episodes 2-5 ; Very consistent great writing and characters. The music from the intros will follow me for the rest of my life. (The episode 2-5 restriction is because of the eligibility, Ep. 1 is great too)
2. Life Is Strange ; I really enjoyed the main mechanic, it made the decisions more interesting because you can see both immediate consequences. The story is a bit less consistent than Tales from the Borderlands, which helped me with ordering the two games. I appreciate the dark situations in Life is Strange, they are very well handled.
3. Xenoblade Chronicles X ; So many systems, such a huge amount of quests and stuff to do. But the game manages to not overwhelm, you want to continue from one task to the next. Everything is just a means to explore planet Mira, and it's so beautiful and mesmerizing. I'm only at 32 hours, without mech, and haven't seen the later half, might change the rank until January.
4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ; Repetitive, but still fun after 70 hours stealth action. New story beats appear almost randomly. Fultons are addicting. Most characters are assholes, you don't care for them. Buddies are great, I preferred using Quiet. But D-Dog > Quiet as a character, despite Quiet's short blips of interesting background story. Declined EULA and played offline without FOB, so can't comment on that stuff.
5. Axiom Verge ; Don't get turned off by the "similarity" to Metroid. Axiom Verge does a whole bunch on it's own. I found it easier to get into than Super Metroid (played an hour of it this year).
6. Assassin's Creed Syndicate ; The sequel to AC: Brotherhood, and a damn good one. I'm hesitant to say whether I enjoy the stealth more than MGSV, despite far fewer tools.
7. Splatoon ; Singleplayer is fun platforming with my favorite end boss of the year. Turf wars are the gift that keeps on giving, easy to have fun and hard to master. Playing dress-up is the cherry on top. Have not bothered with ranked.
8. Rocket League ; Had more "oh let me just hop in for one match" moments than Splatoon for me. Like Splatoon, I'm still having fun when I'm losing. Best game that feels like playing real yet, the "running" into position, coordinating attacks with team mates, anticipating passes, balancing offense and defense.
9. Her Story ; Unique experience. Satisfying story. I think it'd be still great if you discover the main revelation early on or are spoiled (I got it at a pace that felt perfect).
10. Contradiction ; FMVs! Every character/actor has something appealing and their performance are the main reason why I recommend this game. The "contradiction" mechanic is servicable.

Honorable Mentions
x. Undertale ; Mostly fun battle mechanic (mechanic!=the mini games). Good world building. Charming characters. Great musical themes. Respects the player's time for retries but I still got annoyed every time I had to retry a failed fight. I laughed more in Tales from the Borderlands and Contradiction and overall enjoyed 10 other games more though. Played N and TP endings so far.
x. Until Dawn ; Similar to Life is Strange in the over the top teen dialogue, which is not for everyone. Watched Giantbomb's LP, but would very likely enjoyed it if played by myself too.
x. Grow Home ; Cool climbing mechanic, short enough so it doesn't get boring.
x. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 ; Fun dialog in this adventure.
x. Tales of Zestiria ; I liked the hours I've played so far.
x. Ori and the Blind Forest ; Great art and atmosphere, fun platforming. I like the soul link save system. The escape sequences are totally annoying and frustrating, especially if you don't see the next danger and need to trial and error step by step. Great length (doesn't overstay it's welcome).
x. Nintendo Badge Arcade ; I don't want to use the badges, just want to own some. That bunny got me buy several rounds.