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Some new info from the article:

  • BFG and Chainsaw aren't on the weapon wheel since they're used in specific scenarios, Chainsaw is on D-Pad down and BFG is on X. Seems like they're treating the BFG as a panic button.
  • Weapons have mods you can find, ex. a remote detonation mod for the rocket launcher
  • Plot premise seems similar to Doom 3. A character named Dr. Olivia Pierce appears on a video suggesting she unleashed the demons as some kind of religious cult thing.
  • On-screen enemy count isn't numbered but described as "a demon avalanche", "bloodbath"
  • Chainsaw is a one hit kill on most enemies, multiple on bigger enemies like the Mancubus, power cells are limited
  • Colored keycards and backtracking for secrets. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Some locations: Lazarus Facility, Martian surface, Titan's Realm (as seen on the cover)
  • Permanent character upgrades that allow you to swap weapons and mantle more quickly, increase ammo and health capacity
  • Swappable perk "runes", ex. one gives you a stackable temp speed boost after melee kills
  • Hell is more vertical than the UAC facility
  • Enemies have weak point, ex. the pinky demon is armored in front and soft in the butt
  • An enemy type only described as "a summoner"
  • As suspected, idTech 6 appears to be very similar to idTech 5 but with a completely new PBR renderer
  • Plans to offer "sliders and multi-sampling options" for PC players. Only time in the article PC is mentioned specifically.
  • Multiplayer mode called Warpath, an domination style mode where the control area drifts around the map
  • Clan Arena mode, this is just team Last Man Standing.
  • Swappable "hack modules" are earned through MP progression, ex. Supply Timer that shows spawn timers for pickups on screen. Apparently none of them throw off the competitive balance.
  • Apparently multiplayer has more guns than single player, including a "lightning gun", this might be GI assuming based on what was offered in the demo portions though.
  • Namedrops of old Doom WADs followed by statement implying that they won't be releasing mod tools outside of SnapMap because of accessibility consoles. seems like kind of a big fuck you.
  • Examples of modes made in SnapMap: tower defense, moddy single-player missions, VIP escorts, racing challenges
  • Moddable enemy AI to some extent
  • SnapMap stuff is all shared on SmartHub, categories like top rated and most played, user profiles, seems a lot like Mario Maker
  • All SnapMap creations are small instruction files, you can probably forget about custom textures and rooms and whatnot
  • Still spring release date

  • Another named section/level of UAC, Resource Operations
  • An alternate version of the Mancubus was described, this one with flamethrowers. Assuming this in addition to the plasma shooting one as seen in the E3 footage
  • Possessed Engineer enemy type, a former human with an explosive fuel pack that causes chain reactions
  • Reiterating that there are a lot of small secret areas
  • The Baron of Hell is another playable demon in multiplayer, joining the Revenant. He has a melee swipe and an AOE ground pound
  • SnapMap inspired by Garage Band, more stupid shit about not wanting to do mods traditionally
  • Lots of SnapMap tutorials included
  • Monster AI can be assigned to teams in SnapMap, can fight along side player

Info from the beginning of this GameInformer video, courtesy of poster Ixion
  • [s]Everyone[/s] Most people at iD play DOOM with a controller
  • The story is told as you're playing, and he used Dead Space as a comparison
  • The glory kills work well because they give the player brief reprieves amid large, chaotic battles
  • Blue/yellow/red keycards and doors are used throughout the levels, but they're more spaced out than the original games. The game is not a "keycard simulator" like the original games, but they're definitly used to either progress to the next area or backtrack and find secrets

  • Sounds like the pistol isn't a glorified pea shooter
  • You can mash X to open broken doors hell yeah!!
  • Imps will sometimes charge their fireballs before shooting
  • Big meaty old hellblobs called Gore Nests appear in levels, destroying them leads a large horde of demons to its location
  • New enemy type, a security guard that carries a shotgun and an energy shield