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Originally Posted by Schrade

Do you see the yellow after images on your plasma?

Added video links for examples of what I'm talking about:

*** WARNING *** If you own a plasma and have never seen this before, it's probably better to not look because then you'll forever notice it. Kinda like how if you've never noticed tearing in games before and someone shows you what it'll forever notice it.

Plasma's do have there own type of 'blur' effect (phosphor trails) but its not even remotely this bad and the effect reduces as the phosphors settle in (its worse when the TV is new)

I have to look really for it to notice on my Pioneer and when I do see it the effect it's very subtle vs. what is shown in these videos.

Ive been gaming on CRT's since Atari 2600 so I'd certainly comment if it were an issue lol.