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(01-20-2010, 05:33 PM)
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As promised, please find some bullshots and a small excerpt from our design document for our -now dead- Natal project. Please remember that we could only allow ourselves to work 12 days on this, so it's very far from being polished stuff. The screenshots are bullshit of course, but they respect the technical limitations, and also were designed so they could fit in with our tools. So they are semi-bullshots.


Ok, there's no such things: they are bullshots.

To put it in perspective, after having "upgraded" from the DS to the Wii, we wanted to see if we could do HD games without having everyone going facepalm and telling the world we should have sticked to simpler games. It may sound silly, but as Aurélien and I started making games in 1999 for mobile phones, and our first games were in 96X65 pixels resolution, in B&W... each year we are wondering if taking the leap of faith towards more pixels is a good idea or not.

So Natal had a great user interface, and we tried to play with concepts which were not possible before. Something that would not feel old, hopefully. And most important, something we would have fun making.

So, introducing 2-Finger Heroes, a silly tale of friendly invaders who did not have enough time to scan the entire human body! So they are left on Earth as merely fingers (yup, scan was 3% complete), but with the WILL TO LIVE AND FIGHT THEIR NEMESIS, THE GIANT FOOT FROM OUTERSPACE!


↓ ↓ ↓ Click for fullscreen ↓ ↓ ↓

One of the designs flaws of this, apart from the fact that it demanded some very precise pattern recognition from the Natal system, is that it would have been HELL to localize. Yup, what can be understood as the victory sign in France, could be a terrible insult in the UK, for instance. And we are not even talking about Italian. Oh, the possibilities...

Still, would have been fun.
The final Boss had to be given 25 real headbutts to be defeated, ffs... >_<'