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(02-02-2016, 12:04 AM)
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Demand for a new thread was there, so I thought I'd post this in open forum translated to the best of my ability (i.e. no ability, lol). If anyone else has better translations or if one of the news sites picks up on this, I'll update the OP.

(In all cases I believe sales = shipped)

- Sales of Disgaea 5 = 60k in Japan; 112k overseas. Notes that they expanded to release in Asia this time. Sales in Japan were "tough" but sales in NA/EU/AS made up for it.

- Sales of Yomawari = 48k in Japan. Sold more than double what they were expecting.

- Sales of Criminal Girls 2 = 29k in Japan. No mention of whether this met expectations.

- Talks about how Witch & Hundred Knight Remaster was created not just for domestic market, but also overseas where PS4 is taking off. Mentions it's difficult to ignore Vita for the domestic market and he sees NIS developing for those two platforms going forward.

- Article mentions again the focus on new IP's this year - 70% of NIS's titles are going to be new IP's (already revealed: Coven and the Labyrinth of Refrain; Rose and the Castle of Twilight)