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(02-14-2016, 12:50 PM)
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So you're going to implement the Mumble overlay and positional audio using sockets?

Originally Posted by Costia

This is the real issue here, not the "impossible" things you listed.

Most of the impossible (without the scare quotes) things I listed are impossible under an UWA model.

Originally Posted by Costia

Edit: it's basically a "Free software" vs "proprietary software" debate.

It's a "debate" between running Dark Souls at 1024x720 30 FPS or running it at arbitrary resolution and 60 FPS.

It's a "debate" between having Knights of the Old Republic lovingly crafted closer to its original vision over many years by the community, or being stuck with the original broken and incomplete release.

It's a "debate" between one of the very best first person RPGs - Vampire Bloodlines - lingering in a broken (and unplayable on modern computers) state, or having all its issues fixed over a decade of dedicated work.