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(02-11-2010, 06:15 AM)
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Originally Posted by OnPoint

Please let the powers that be know how much better this game would play with classic controller support, specifically with strafing mapped to the L and R buttons.

That was mentioned during development. At one point it was Wii+Nunchuck. When it went to Wiimote, I mentioned classic controller support being needed. Didn't happen then, but I'm relaying comments like these and trying to see if the larger chorus asking for it will result in a patched version that adds that.

Originally Posted by OnPoint

Also, in a minor but surprisingly irritating way, can you let them know that 2 should confirm things in the menus, not 1?

I've bundled that into a request for CC support and a few controller schemes.

FWIW, I finished the game multiple times using the existing scheme, so it's not the end of the world, just not as ideal as it could be. I'm all about the ideal though, and the people talking about it (politely!) are helping make my case.

There's absolutely NO guarantee that this will happen, but I am working to see what can be done. Worst-case scenario is it will help my position on the next WiiWare game and get these things in. Best case, we get CC support.