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(03-10-2010, 01:50 AM)
so, long story short:

- sonic 4 episode 1 is just a prologue

- sonic and eggman are the only characters in the game, excepts from badniks and animals. tails and knuckles will arrive in ep.2 ?

- classic level design and gameplay. something inspired by the best of sonic 2. this will be the real sonic the hedgehog 4, not sonic advance 4 or sonic rush 3

- alternate ending with all emeralds collected will connect the story with episode 2

- 4 zones x 3 acts + boss battles (but achievements revealed egg station zone. maybe this is the zone for the alternate ending, like doomsday zone from sonic & knuckles

- jun senoue as sound composer/director

- classic green hill boss in splash hill attacks with new patterns (360° swing and ground smash) after three hits

- possible new skills in the next episodes