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Originally Posted by TheSpaceBetween

I still don't get what this thread is supposed to be about. But anyway, concerning Kozlowsky, he was the guy that people were so excited about Retro getting because he worked at Naughty Dog. Funnily enough he only worked at ND for about nine months. And then he was the one how posted before Tropical Freeze was announced that the at the time unannounced game would be his crowning achievement as an artist.

He also said something about how insanely competitive the art department is at ND and that Retro was a much better fit for him. He created levels such as Frosty Fruits and Aqueduct Assault. Dude clearly can't sit still in any one place too long though judging by his portfolio. He's at his third different company since leaving Retro.

Dude first of all that fucking "quote" about crowning achievement lifted from my art blog and referred to possibly illustrating my brothers novel.

Yeah I left Naughty Dog after 9 months, so what? I am insanely proud of the work I did there, and I have MANY friends still there. I recently visited the offices and they asked if I was coming back. I left ND because I got an offer to Lead an original IP at Square-Enix which unfortunately was canceled and I and the rest of the team was laid off.

I was at Retro for OVER 4 years. Hardly jumping around. Bioware was a contract position, not a permanent gig. So I was only at ONE other studio since Retro.

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