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UPDATE: Kotaku removed the Intel/Clarkdale mistake in an updated article. Original OP below.


And here's where they get it wrong:

Now, before we go any further, know the image up top comes from a Chinese messageboard. Yeah. The reason we're looking a little more closely at this than we normally would is that Intel is currently in the process of rolling out consumer-level combined CPU/GPU chips. Like, right now. And Intel handle the Xbox 360's chipset.

These new chips are codenamed Clarkdale, and are 32nm, which would present a significant reduction in both power usage and in the amount of heat generated by the console. On the left here is what they look like underneath, while above, that's it with the small Xbox 360 stamp on it (to the left of the fan).

Clarkdale is a PC processor combining a dual-core Nehalem derivative with Intel integrated graphics. It has absolutely fuck all to do with the 360.
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